Cholita Loca (cholita_loca) wrote,
Cholita Loca

the truthz comez outz

i am a whinneyz little turdz more now than you will ever be.

i have three jobs to support my mother who can't support herself because i satz on her and made her crippledz, am going to a good college in the fall, teach kids be angry bitter honkz like mez, , write for a newspaper called secret racist turdz, and an editor of another at school. don't tell me to be educated because i already have amassed more knowledge than you or cosm_lyikew ever will and i have to constanlyz prove it tooz. i so smartz i have to constantlyz prove it byz my lamez attempts to put people down constantlyz, i do contribute to society byz being a racist turdz and lyingz and covering upz about it so i dont lose approvalz from my "ethnicz" friendz, and i will always be better than you in every respect because am insecurez about my penis size and fat azz.

you say that you are glad i am lowz so i'm just another loser you won't have to walk over. sorry dude, but i already walked all over you and your pathetic life because i canz commentz in someone livejournalz because i am an angry bitterz honkz that can blamez someone elze for my shortcomingz.
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