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I figuredz that since i am so hotz and sexyz i would make moneyz off my nice titz and fine firmz azz!So i had Hector hook me up a job at a stripz clubz.I have even been practicingz with my dancing coach Dantez!I aint tellingz where i would cause all you haterz and honkz might stalk my fine azz!LOLz!Anywayz i went to my new job and had an auditionz.I saw this ugly ass trannyz lookng chick!She looked like that a tranny on my lj lolz!I got up therez and i swear all theze guyz were looking at me more than all the other chickz!One ugly azz fell down the stairz of the stagez LOLZ!!She was looking at these ugly fat dudez blowing kissez and she fell lolz!!!!!!And the laterz i was dancing and i asked one of the old azz hgonkz if he wanted a lap dancez.He said yeah and i was taking off my topz and he fucking fartedz!it waz so gross!I guess some of the chickz are intot hat weird azz hitting guys crap on the sidez.How weirdz lolz!!And i swear they do hella cokez!They looked like dumb azz tranny coke headz.I danced to nellyz its getting hot in herre!!I looked so sexyz !
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