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Cholita Loca's Journal
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Below are 20 journal entries, after skipping by the 20 most recent ones recorded in Cholita Loca's LiveJournal:

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Friday, April 18th, 2003
4:29 pm
I wish that one honkz would stop trying to stalkz me!I dont like virginz ok!!He even sent his picz!!my best pose
I wish he would stop stalking mez!And he said he wantz to do a threesomez with his other lame honkz chickz!And he sent me her picz!i guess her lj namez is arijv!title or description
why cantz they just fess upz and stop tellingz me its forbienz lovez you cowardz!!lolz!

Current Mood: lolz
Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
11:19 pm
i want this honkz to stop tryingz to be my "secretz" friend
coolnatehere: some of the guys here think i am gay just because i like dave matthews!
coolnatehere: i mean cant a guy like madonnas lucky star and dave matthews and not be considered gay!
cholita69loca: you lamez white pastey azz honkz i dont carez!
coolnatehere: i mean jeeze its not like i offer my friends a hand job or anything ..well just the coach but that doesnt count!right??
coolnatehere: i mean i am angry because i am ugly and fat i mean what guy wouldnt be bitter and turn to the coach in a time of need when the chicks dont like you
cholita69loca: lame azz honkz i have to go!
Tuesday, April 15th, 2003
1:06 am
damnz fucking lifez suckz
This is a frendz only post so to keep them haterz from readingz. that fuckerz marcko!I hate his lame azz!!He calledz me a whorez!!!!!WTF! I criedz. I waz so madz!! So we got into a fist fightz!I hit him with my new bootz!Then he grabbed my new pantz and rippedz them upz!Hee said fuck youz whorez!So he left and i criedz!So i went to find some pillz and i tookz them allz! I wanted to die! I got into the bathz and layed in it forgettingz i took the pillz until i see my lame azz aunt screamingz to wake me upz! marcko you are a turdz off of websterz shinney black azz! I aint no whorez! i got my stomack pumped for this shitz! fucking honkz!! I toldz J Money what happens and now he wantz to KILl YOU MARKO! FUCK YOU AZZ! I AM FUCKIN MADZ!!!!!! NO HATERZ BETTER SAY SHITz OR I WILL KILL YOU!

Current Mood: depressedz
Sunday, April 13th, 2003
12:04 am
coolnatehere: fuck me up my bung hole you sexy spic latin godess
cholita69loca: tryz harder you lame azz white honkz
coolnatehere: whatever at least i'm not on welfare like your nasty ass
cholita69loca: yez i need it to supprts me and my 5 kidz
coolnatehere: i want to but bang delta burke cholita69loca: yeahz
coolnatehere: you're fucking 18
cholita69loca: lupe is my firstz bornz
cholita69loca: and then the tripletz
cholita69loca: and then hectorz
coolnatehere: your livejournal is a joke isn't it
cholita69loca: i like it when you white azz honkz pay for my kidz you turdz
coolnatehere: why don't you get a job instead of mooching off the system and being a disgusting human petry dish?
cholita69loca: no i dont needz to workz
coolnatehere: you should be my love slave instead cholita69loca: *yawnz*
cholita69loca: tellz this to someone who carez you white azz turdz
coolnatehere: why do you hate white people so much?
cholita69loca: you all smellz weird and you walk like you havez a corncon up your azz
coolnatehere: i wish you liked me but i know having a small dick gets in the way of that cholita69loca: cobz*
cholita69loca: you are an angry honkz
coolnatehere: no see that's a thing called class that you have and i dont cause i am a redneck with a small prick
cholita69loca: *yawnz*
coolnatehere: and why can't you fucking spell anything?
cholita69loca: i have to go and do my nailz
cholita69loca: my date fernado is coming overz bye nerdz
coolnatehere: ok fuck you and have a great night
cholita69loca: no thankz i dont fuck retardz
Wednesday, April 9th, 2003
12:32 am
damn copz
i met this hot azz guy named jim at ralphs and i have seen him around the hoodz.his is soooooo finez!!we went to kick it at his friend antonio for a bit to drink our 40z and smoke a bluntz.jim and i decide to go to hollywoodz to go look at the lame pink haired freakz lolz.So we drive aroundz looking for hookerz lolz on sunset but we didnt find anyz!So we said fuck it and went driving around and walked on hollywood blvd.we saw alot of smelly azz bumz!so we go and get some fortyz and park and i tell himz i am hornyz and can he play with my boobz lolz!he said hell yes cause you are just tooo finez.i told himz i know i am one fine piece of azz lolz!!so we go and kick it and start making outz and shit then a damn lightz shinez on his carZ!!!!then as i was getting upz to look i hit my head on the steering wheelz!I still have a bumpz!so he got the hellz out of there reallyz fast and got on the freewayz scared out of his mind lolz! i guess he is used to prudez!well we said fuck it and he tooks me to this stripperz place on hollywooodz blvd and bought me some hot clothez for my fine azz!i got some stripperz shoes to since he thinkz i should start strippingz cause i am so finez!

Current Mood: sexyz!
Monday, April 7th, 2003
5:15 pm
truth or darez lolz stupid haterz go homez!!!
while at church on Sundayz i met this fine azz mexican guyz named Pablo and he waz looking at my fine azz all during servicez! lolZ!The i realised since i waz in chruch that godz blessed me with good lookz!Pablo gave me his numberz and said to give him a callz if i wanted to go to downtownz disneyz.So i said letz go nowz! we drove to Anehiemz and went looking at all theze ugly azz honkz!And old azz touristz honkz from honky statez like Massatwoshitz and alambamaz and Minnosotaz.Only lame azz honkyz come from that statez!lolZ!So thenz Pabloz and i walk into this make up storez and the security guardz were looking at uz like we waz going to jack the storez or some shitz.Well i could tell they wanted my fine azz!!!So then Pablo and i went to some espnzonez and played some video gamezand i waz so horneyz but he was all nice and churchy boyz lookingz.So he said lets go kick it at my aunt Rubyz she lives in Fullertonz in the projectz.We buy a few fourtyz of king cobraz and go back to kick it.his aunt waz sleepingz so we lit some candles and played truth or darez.Pablo isnt uzed to drinking and he wasznt acting like a churchy boyz anymorez!!!Well i ended up daringz him to touch my boobz lolz!Then i daredz him to make outz with mez.So we made out and he got a bonerz when he touchedz my boobz!!So i dared Pablo to strip downz and rollerskate in his red underwearz down the sidewalkz of the projectz! LOLz!And he did lolz! He had a big packagez lolz!!!He didnt want to do nothingz and he waz waitingz for marriagez!!! but after the 40 he didnt carez no more lolz!!he changed into a walkingz bonerz and he still had only those red underwear onz and he had a bonerz LOLZ!!!It waz big lolz!So then i poppedz his cherryz LolZ!!! Now he is taintedz!we took picturez lolz and he is going to send themz to playboyz since i have a nice bodyz!

Current Mood: hot
Sunday, April 6th, 2003
5:24 am
Latin king flava!
when i waz in countyz i met this hot azz prison guardz who was in the Latin Kingz named Renaldo!!Well he called my fine azz todayz. So we hooked upz and took me to venice beachz.where we kicked itz and it waz cold and my nipplez got hardz lolz!So we went to this ferris wheels thing and we we talkingz and he dared me to take my bikinz top offz!!I did lolz!And i left it offz and all theze hot azz guyz stared so i smiledz and waved to all my fanz lolz!I have some nice perkyz nipz LOLZ!!!!I put my top backz on before a riotz started lolz.The security guard looked at us weirdz but Renaldo is so big and strongz they didnt fuck with uz lolz.We waz hanging out at the venice and i swearz i looked so hot and all theze bumz looked at my fine azz boobz.I saw this one bum and he was playingz MC hammerz and he even startedz dancing like Vannilla ice in shit lolz.So we went to some clubz and did body shotz.I waz so fucked up i let him feel me up lolz. and damnz there waz to many honks there!Well so we went to my Renaldoz house , I am here nowz lolz and i see alot of analz porn in his files lol!! At least it aint that weird animalz shit lolz!!!!We dry humpedz lolz!! And then he got outz his old dancing outfitz from his Vannila ice dayz lolz!The we listened to Purple Rainz and he looked at me and said you are so damn finez and then he fucking barfed and passed outz !What the fuck is that shitz!
And this is to that hater BlingXBling you lame azz trannyz lookingz four eyed alley mcbealz bitchz! Except she lookz like egone from ghost busterz in a damnz dress!! Bling bling my azz more like dingx dongZ !LOLz!Damnz pasty azz honkz!it was a good dayz i am not sure i will kick it with him cause he barfedz lolz and shitz his pantz.Maybe i will hook him up with my anorexic homegurls dingXdongz and theyz can have a barf partyz lolz!!!
Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003
11:03 am
People are acting upz with me!I am going to have to do a beat downz!!!I really think itz because alot of haterz just cant handle me getting play and being so damnz hotz!This lj aint no joke you retarded shitbagz!!!So yesterdayz i went to hollyweirdz and had this new guyz i like buy me some clothingz.Then since he was nice we made out! Aww yeaaaaaaaah i am the bomb!He was some fine azz eminem looking dude!And he was so proud of me cause alllllll the guyz were sweating me in a good wayz!Why am i so hottz!???!?i have such a nice azz !And you all know you want this!
Sunday, March 23rd, 2003
8:14 pm
prisonz babe lolz
Fuck this suckz! I went to jailz.I was walking down this street and i looooooked so hot!I had on some short shorts and this bellyz shirt.Anywayz i am walking and minding my own buisness looking at some hot guyz drool over me and some guy who was so fine azz hot asked me if i wanted a date! And i said yes( i was flirtingz) and he said he would buy me a 40 of old e so i went with him thinking he is cool n shit! But anyways somehow he thinks i am a hookerz!!!! What the hell!!!!!!!! Do i look like a damn crack head hookerz! So i said "fucker" and i beat his azz and he called the cops! What a wimp!!!!!!!!They arrested my fine azz for assult and battery! What the fuck!?!anywayz i have to go Sergio is here with my 40 and we are gonna never mindz lolz!

Current Mood: hardcore!
Tuesday, March 11th, 2003
12:53 pm
missy elliottz
I was watching cribs and missy elliott was onz!!! That ho dresses uglyz!!!!! anywayz she lost a bunch of weightz! She is still ugly! She needs to dress at clothestimes instead of the tranny shop!anyway i was walking home from the corner storez and i saw a guy bike riding nakedz!!!!and of course he was some saggy old azz honkz! Why do the ugly old azz honkz feel the need to show off the twigz and berryz!?!?!?Anyways i walked faster AWAY from him and he rode towards me with this weird azz smile!!!!WTF!?!? ANd he tried to talk to me! Umm helloz you are ugly and nakedz fool you aint getting no game with those ugly saggy ballz!Anyway so i pushed him off his bike lolz! He fell off lolz!!!!!! His nardz hit the seat hella hardz lolz!!!!!!!! I ran and told my auntz! We called the police but they haventz found his ugly white azz yetz!

Current Mood: grossed out by saggy nardz
Sunday, March 9th, 2003
1:24 am
weird porn theatrez
I went and hung out with juan and we had a few 40z smoked a bluntz. Well since i haventy been having no sexual healingz i let Juan touch my perkey boobz lolz. I had this way cute low cut shirt from forever 21 lolz. I didnt wear no damn bra either those things suckz and i have firm boobz anywayz so i dont be needing onez lolz.anywayz juan and i went to the 24 hour x adult movies lolz and we went in i was so scared to touch anythingz! I saw a few skanky azz hookerz. I was the hottest chick there including the porn chickz lolz.anyway i went to the bathroom there and on my way some guy was smiling at me so i looked at him and noticed his small azz dick was hanging out ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! so i screamed and he ran like the lamez bitch he was that damn honk!figures a honk would do thatz! Ok anyway juan didnt even notice !SO i sit down and some pervo is staring at me i can tell cause his birth ass controlz glasses were effing shineing !His damn hand was going up and down! WTH is wrong with these honkz!?!?!? ALL waysa wacking offz lolz .Anyway i told juan eff this take my fine azz home !! We go out and see a retarded hookerz lolz ! Ahh it was weirdz!
Thursday, March 6th, 2003
3:13 pm
i found thiz !
Someonez likes Nelly as much az me!"http://hometown.aol.com/duckynm/myhomepage/index.html

Current Mood: bitchy
Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
1:12 am
I wentz to a party and met this hot chickz and we kicked it UNTILZ marcko that fool came into the scene!I Was making out and he started feeling in my legz and this chick Angela got so pissed and hit him over the headz lolz with Lupe's VIrgin mary candle lolz! marco is a nurdz!!!I hope Angela callz me again! Woot WOot! and that fool Jose tried to TAPE US MAKING OUT!! I kicked him in the crotch!
Monday, February 24th, 2003
2:23 am
nerdz get the bootz lolz
i like deleting lame commentz that have nothing to do with me lolz.i want to get my boobs done! maybe i can get a sugar daddy.any nelly look alikez lolz????is p.diddy still around?? what about morris day?? they can be ma sugar daddyz! *sigh* boring! am i the only one who wantz to see jose in a thongz!?!?!?i am bored off to marcos!
Thursday, February 20th, 2003
12:54 pm
i am so bored! I cant wait uuntil summer so i can wear this new bikini i got !I wanted to wear a thong but i think you can get arrested fot that lolz!Maybe i can hang out with Margurete(sp). She seems cool.She is this new chick i met that workz at Payless Shoe Source. I hate that fat azz ho Star Jones doing thos commercialz ! You know she dont wear those Payless shoes lol. She is annoing lolz
Monday, February 17th, 2003
12:44 pm
tranny biatch and her lame friends
tranny hoez IMz me and calls me a 50 year old pediphilez ! Maybez she wishes i was so she could look at my so called shrivledz penis lolz. Myabe tranny needz to stop being angryz cause she has a penis and wants to be me! Lookz bitch i aint fake ! And i likez how you had to warmz me on aim lolz lame ! lolz! it showz how lamez you are lolz my siamese gun: :-*
my siamese gun: SUK MY DICK
cholita69loca: i aint be into trannyz ok
cholita69loca: and you be a rude azz one right now honk!
my siamese gun: STANK ASS HO
cholita69loca: tranny azz ho you be a freak
my siamese gun: =-O
my siamese gun: thats what youl ook like when you see this dick
cholita69loca: harz harz honk
cholita69loca: you suckz at the insultz
my siamese gun: nah
my siamese gun: you're so ugly
my siamese gun: and greasy
my siamese gun: sad spic
my siamese gun: go mow my lawn and make me a fuckin burrito
cholita69loca: tryz harder honk
cholita69loca: i aint mad tranny ho
my siamese gun: youre stupid and you waste your time pretenting to be a spic and have a joke journal
my siamese gun: i bet youre really a 50 year old blading pedo
my siamese gun: balding*
cholita69loca: yes hoz
my siamese gun: we all know you and jose are fake
my siamese gun: faggg
cholita69loca: i am Cholita aka Sophie loca you azzholez
cholita69loca: tryz harder honk
my siamese gun: no you arent
cholita69loca: yes i amz honk
my siamese gun: youre an old pedo looking for entertainment on the internet by predenting to be someone else spicz
cholita69loca: i am Cholita you trannyz
cholita69loca: S
cholita69loca: O
cholita69loca: P
cholita69loca: H
cholita69loca: I
my siamese gun: SHUT THE FUCK UP
my siamese gun: MOW MY FUCKING LAWN
my siamese gun: WANT A PIECE OF ME BITCH
cholita69loca: E
cholita69loca: youz are an angry white azz cracker
my siamese gun: good day faggot i want you so bad and i am frustrated i am a tranny and i want to be you Cholita!
Saturday, February 15th, 2003
1:07 am



Thursday, February 13th, 2003
10:02 pm
9:38 pm
Whyz do gay white honks post in my livejournalz???? Leave your homo comments to Jose's livejournal or one of thoze " i m in the closet communities!" i am still hot and sexayz !
Wednesday, February 12th, 2003
11:15 pm
am i gayz??
I was looking at this lesbos journal and now i think i am gay! I bet she haz a nice big white honk azz!And i think she is a lezbo!
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